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5 American artists who condones strange music videos

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

It could be comics, fiction, or clouts but these five American music stars are known famously as a beast amidst the images and characters they portray in their music videos.


Their crazy videos have kept fans pondering as they try to figure out the reasons behind those crazy characters and signs they portray in their music videos. This also convinced their notion that they are demonic.

From exploration, we have gathered the top five American artists who portray strange characters and signs in their music videos.

Here are five top American artists who condone strange music videos. 

Billie Eilish 

The whole world thrill to her super highly musical qualities which she has dished out so far but sometimes remained puzzled amidst the characters and strange actions she portrays in some of her music videos.  She is popularly known for the bleeding eyes she has displayed in most of her music videos.

The American singer, who has gained recognition globally amidst her singing qualities still endow fans with puzzlement as they thrive to figure out why she portrays strange actions and characters in her music videos.

The Weeknd

Ranging from the bleeding mouth to the current facial plastic surgery which he displayed in his latest video “Save your tears” the singer and songwriter have infused the puzzlement of the fans as they try to figure out why he portrays those strange characters. He is moreover, one of the American greatest lyricists of the 21st century but his music videos portray strange characters that sometimes correspond not to his lyrics.

Juice Wrld

His music video expression always pronounced death and scary images, sometimes, during his prime. He was famously known for his strange lyrics; professing the devil’s promises and threatening which never stopped until he died. The same was condoned in some of his music videos. However, fans convinced their belief that he was just seeking global attention. Juice Wrld later succumbed as a result of excessive hard drug consumption.

Brotha Lynch hug

Ranging from his lyrics and music videos, he is one of the strangest American rappers who displays strange actions in his music videos. He is obsessed with the habit to eat up flesh and displays human blood all over his environment as a sign that is yet to be told and confirmed. Sometimes, he would transform himself into a beast in a live video which is yet to be confirmed if it’s visual or a reality. Memory professed a super aghast image, he shared via his Instagram handle.

Tech N9ne 

He is one of the strangest rappers who portray strange music videos. He is known for his qualities to scare viewers and display strange characters. His dental coordination is separately displayed ghastly which he acquired by himself. From his expression, we have recorded strange signs like his red strange clothes, facial expression, and wild demonic laughing. No one could describe the reason behind those clues he displays mostly in his music videos.

The American music genre and culture, however, have changed from the action and characters most music artists have invented to the firm. The old fashion is gone, this is the new school.