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Aya Nakamura – AYA Album


Aya Nakamura AYA Album Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

beyond the States, there are more sweet songs out there for you to discover, the Mali-born artist Aya Nakamura is out with he studio project as she drops “AYA” album.


AYA is officially out now, featuring guest verses from Stormzy on the opening track, Ms. Banks, and OBOY.  The album includes the previously-released singles “Jolie nana” and “Doudou”.


1. Plus Jamais (feat. Stormzy)
2. Tchop
3. Doudou
4. Jolie nana
5. Fly
6. Biff
7. Sentiments grandissants
8. Love de moi
9. Ça blesse
10. Mon chéri
11. Hot
12. Nirvana
13. La machine
14. Mon Lossa (feat. Ms. Banks)
15. Préféré (feat. OBOY)