Cardi B and Nicki Minaj were apparently quietly for a while until things erupted at New York Fashion Week last year. it appears as though things calmed down. They’ve stayed out of each other’s way since the fight between them at the New York Fashion Week last year, keeping their names out of each other’s mouths. Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem to be like will be a probability that either one of them will squash the feud in the near future.


Cardi B spoke to Variety recently where she talked about her follow-up to Invasion Of Privacy, supporting Bernie Sanders, and many more. The interviewer decided to close things out on an unpleasant note when he brought up Nicki Minaj’s name. “Now I gotta ask you, is there ever a chance that you and Nicki Minaj would make up and perform together? ” The interviewer asked Cardi.

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Cardi remained silent, appearing to be trapped by the question before the interviewer tried to make things less awkward by hitting Cardi’s famous catchphrase. Cardi simply laughed, extremely awkwardly, as the camera zoomed in on her expression. The interviewer plainly knew that the interview had run its course and thanked Cardi B.

what could be the reason for her awkwardly laugh to the interviewer?