Celina Powell isn’t very always the most trusted source of information, just in case you did not remember. Celina gained fame by faking a pregnancy with Offset and that nearly breaking up his marriage with Cardi B. She can sometimes hit the drop the say the truth. At this point the story seems to be true for some reason, showing that Nicki’s sister is allegedly saying the same thing.


As the Barbs go after Ming, Nicki’s little sister, for leaking the gender of the rapper’s unborn baby, and Celina Powell also carelessly doing the same thing, saying that she overheard a phone call that Lil Wayne was having with somebody while she was with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

“Anyway, Nicki Minaj is pregnant with a girl,” said Celina Powell during her hour-and-a-half-long conversation with Adam22 and No Jumper. “[Tekashi 6ix9ine] confirmed it but I actually heard it from Lil Wayne. I was with somebody and Lil Wayne FaceTimed him and they were talking about Nicki’s pregnancy. I was like ‘Oh my god!’ and I wanted to record the conversation so bad but I knew I would get kicked out and I didn’t wanna fuck up my relationship with that guy.”


She also went further saying that Wayne had brought up the baby’s gender, wondering what to get Nicki as a welcoming gift.

“He was like, ‘I think she just found out it was a girl.’ I was, like, playing it casual with 6ix9ine. I was like, ‘Did you know that Nicki’s pregnant?’ He was like, ‘Duh, she came to the shoot pregnant.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I bet you didn’t know she was having a girl.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah I do. I know the name of it too!'”

Celina doesn’t actually go on to reveal the baby’s name because she doesn’t actually know it yet. But as it is Nicki Minaj has not confirmed that she is having a girl. We’ll keep you updated when she does so.

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