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Dax – Child Of God [Video]


Child Of God by Dax Video Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Dax has his ways of attracting souls as he makes something interesting as he drops the “Child Of God” video.


Dax “Child Of God” video shows a lot about his lyrics showing gratitude to God for leading him through all with his carrier and serves as a follow-up to his forthcoming album. The visual was also directed by Moses Isreal, with production credits by Lex Nour Beats.

Quotable Lyrics:
Dear God thank you for leading me down this path
I’m thankful for the man that
I am At first I didn’t understand how I see the tribulations
that it faced we’re all part of the plan
I tried to walkway I wasn’t whole You filled the gap inside
the heart and let me know I had a soul
I was bleeding on the inside nobody could see Then
I looked into the mirror he was staring back at me