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Dirty Tay – Way Bigger on the Low Album


Dirty Tay Way Bigger on the Low Album Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Dirty Tay, has unleashed his debut project, Way Bigger On The Low. With twelve songs in total, with appearances from Lil Baby, Marlo, Coldheartedsavage, Yung Mal, Noodah05, and more.


Track List

  1. In My Bag
  2. Dumb (feat. Noodah05 & Yung Mal)
  3. This and That
  4. Make It Happen (Feat Marlo)
  5. Myself
  6. Beast (Feat Lil Baby & 24Heavy)
  7. Forced
  8. Sense (Feat Lil Jairmy
  9. Nah
  10. LifeStyle (Feat Lil Dan)
  11. Confess (Feat Coldheartedsavage & Hotboy BG)
  12. Found