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Under the influence of Hilda Baci, Erigga considers setting a Guinness World Record by smoking nonstop for two weeks.

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Erigga has expressed interest in setting a Guinness World Record after learning about the most recent record, which a 27-year-old Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, set for the longest cooking marathon.


The Nigerian rapper Erigga has expressed a strong desire to hold a Guinness World Record after Hilda Baci broke Lata Tondon’s 85 hours and 45 minute Cook-A-Thon record with her recently reviewed record of 100 hours.

This time, he should smoke marijuana for a total of two weeks while also considering engaging in any unusual activities that would help him reach the peak.

He said, in his own words:

“Watin persin wan do when going break record? Abi make I smoke for 2weeks straight without food.”

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media platforms.