American actress, singer Hailee Steinfeld comes through with a quarantine-friendly video that can keep you all-day, as she drops a new video titled “I Love You’s“, Directed by Hailee Steinfeld and Sarah McColgan.


In the video, the white walls may represent Hailee being lost and confused. If this is a breakup song, she would want to start over but wouldn’t know how to paint the canvas. The black she was wearing could represent all of the things that the person said. She doesn’t see “I love you” as meaningful to her in this situation. Especially with the veil covering her and following her in the white room.

Peep and tell us what you understand about this new video.

Quotable Lyrics

Where do I begin?
I’m sittin’ here jaded
Yeah, I fell asleep with my makeup still on my skin
Wide awake again
I’m prayin’ I make it
I step in the twelve but it’s somewhere I’ve already been