From experiences and reports from the medical teams so far, it has been announced that 67% of the world’s citizens die every single year amidst the high rate of hard drug consumption that trends globally.

Hard drugs as it sounds are those dangerous drugs that portray a highly effective negative impact on the human nervous system and cells as a result of a single or multiple consumption by a human. This has been the pinnacles of most brain disorders flowing around the continent which has been confirmed by the medical teams. Popular drugs like codeine, cocaine, Marijuana, and Nicotine are enormously consumed daily by victims who have been engulfed with their addiction. It’s mostly consumed via, inhalation, injection, and swallowing which gives almost the same effect at the same proportion. Medical teams on several circumstances have warned citizens to discrete hard drugs from their consumption status so as to reduce the population of the deceased that were destroyed by the high rate of hard drug consumption.


In this article, we would discuss the possible danger the high rate of consumption of hard drugs portrays on the human health status so as to inspire viewers and readers to deprive of any source hard drugs provide.

Hard drug consumption as a killer to the human life span

Nervous coordination restrictions

Ranging from dementia, hallucination, bipolar disorder, haggard, and haughty actions which most citizens suffer in the present century originated as a result of hard drug nervous coordination destruction. They will always engulf the coordination of the brain cells which would result in a disorder.

It’s a mechanism 

Hard drugs hazardously hijack the nervous coordination by damaging the circuit and the major part of the nervous system which is the brain. They would engulf the whole oxygen and nutrients which feeds the brain efficiently; few will be consumed by the brain and this results in brain damage because the brain cells don’t receive its desired oxygen and nutrient. This would result in dementia, Bipolar disorder, haggard actions, and hallucination. Abstain from hard drugs and be free.

Here are some of their effects below;

• They Disrupt nutrients needed by brain tissue.

• Direct damage, injury, and death of brain cells, including neurotransmitter receptors
Alterations to brain chemical concentrations, including neurotransmitters and hormones.

• Deprivation of oxygen to brain tissue.

The high rate of heart diseases and damages

Cigarettes are highly enriched with nicotine which produces super dangerous chemical smokes that travels to the heart for damages any time victims of hard drug consumption smokes. This has landed thousands to various heart diseases like heart failure, unnecessary particles in the heart that blocks the arteries and veins resulting in complications during respiration, heart attack, and bleeding in the heart.

Abstain from consuming hard drugs from any source and extend your life span much longer.

Terrifying damages in the Lung

They play a great role in damaging the human lungs most especially when we refer to marijuana and nicotine (cigarettes). Victims of the high rate of consumption of hard drugs like marijuana and cigarettes destroy their lungs. They would damage your airway and air sac and pave the way for various diseases to emerge and destroy. Abstain from them and live a healthy life.

Deploys haughty emotions and self persistence

Ranging from its impact on the destruction of the nervous coordination, they would introduce some haughty and unpleasant emotions like depression, heavy thoughts, unhappiness and secrete voices. Popular singer and rapper “Juice Wrld” grumbled severally of hearing voices at night which disputed his kip all night. This resulted from the high rate consumption of pills and codeine, sometimes injections he portrays on his health status daily. It was all unfortunate for he was addicted.

Abstain from hard drug consumption and keep a healthy life span for family and loved ones. Medical teams have cautioned citizens to visit nearby health centers if results rise.

Weight loss

They also play a great role in terminating the body nutrients and fluids which results in sudden weight loss. Victims of the high rate of drug consumption are 89% exposed to sudden weight loss.

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