Almost all of the hip-hop community is rooting against Tekashi 6ix9ine at this time. He committed one of the cardinal sins when he made a decision to give information to the feds about his homies, in that way tarnishing his street image and coming across as unauthentic. The rapper has been behind bars since November of last year and there has been a close eye on his racketeering case. the rapper born Daniel Hernandez keeps beefing up his legal team, in hopes that somebody could aid in getting him out of the slammer. There have been many updates over the last few months along with defendants continuing to plead guilty and now, 6ix9ine has actually hired a bigwig –Alex Spiro, to do his bidding for him in court.


The name Alex Spiro may sound familiar to you. In February this year, Alex Spiro was working with 21 Savage after Jay-Z and Roc Nation which specially enrolled him to handle Savage’s immigration troubles. According to XXL, Spiro was previously added to Tekashi’s defense team during a hearing on Tuesday, joining Lance Lazarro, Dawn Florio, and other prominent legal personalities.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

While Jay-Z had a major part in assisting 21 Savage when he was locked up, there have been zero reports that Hov was involved in the hiring of Alex Spiro to 6ix9ine’s team.

6ix9ine will be going on trial on September 4, 2019.