Kerry Lathan who was arrested on a parole violation right after he was wounded in the slaying of the rapper (Nipsey Hussle) has been recently released from police custody.


Lathan, who claims to have been at the shooting scene by chance, was released from the California detention center on Saturday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. It was then that the rapper was struck along with Lathan, who managed to survive the attack.

Lathan’s attorney, Lauren Noriega, stated that the 56-year-old man was just an innocent bystander in the tragic shooting.

“He wasn’t there to propose any business to Nipsey, ” Noriega told KABC-TV. “He had no idea that Nipsey would be there. ”

TMZ had previously reported that Lathan was there .in order to get new clothes from Nipsey after his discharge from prison when the shooting started.