Previous December, sources claimed that Nicki Minaj and her infamous boyfriend, Kenneth Petty, had already started talking about the possibility of having children. The rapper has now shared an exchange to that effect. She uploaded a clip demonstrating the couple teasing one another about conceiving children.


The video opens to Kenneth’s hand positioned on Nicki’s stomach. “Why are you rubbing my stomach? ” she asked, pulling her hair aside to uncover her boyfriend’s arm folded over her Petty, appears to be asleep or even dozing off. When she asks if he’s conscious, he responds with a mumble. Minaj continues to probe anyway. “When you’re asleep you rub my stomach? That’s some weirdo tingz, ” she said,

She directs the conversation in a manner that suggests the couple’s plans. “You wish there was something inside of there?” she asked him. Finally, Kenneth’s words are audible. “There will be,” he responded. Nicki laughs at her lover’s boldness, “Says who?” and he responds, “Says me.”

Minaj disabled the comments section beneath the post, probably in concern of negativity. When her new relationship became open to the public, her fans objected because of Kenneth Petty’s criminal past which includes incarceration for manslaughter and rape case involving a minor.

What do you think about nicki having a baby in no time?