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Nigerian UK-based Lady voices out “Nigerian women are lucky to have generous men, they don’t give us anything here”

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Anike Banks, a Nigerian woman living in the UK, expressed her discontent with the UK men’s tendency to be more stingy than Nigerian men.


She praised the financial prowess of Nigerian men and asserted that these women are incredibly fortunate to be married to such generous men.

She further expressed her displeasure by saying that she would be open to getting married to any British man who would squeeze only $20 into her palm.

She described it thus way:

“Nigerian women living in Nigeria don’t understand how lucky they are. UK men didn’t give anything. Awon stingy kokoshi.”

“If someone dares squeeze £20 in my hand I’ll invite him to come meet my parents.”

However, she revealed this in order to refute her colleague’s pledge to refuse 5 to 10k gifts from potential suitors on the grounds that they are trivial.

Do u think she’s making sense.