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Nigerian Young Music Artists Wizkid Infused Their fame

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The Nigerian songwriter and singer who is known with his name as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun and popularly known as (Wizkid), is no doubt one of the true kings of the Nigerian music firm and Africa as a whole following how he has inspired thousands of African kings into the music industry.


In different circumstances, he has also assisted in infusing the fame of some of the Nigerian prominence young music artists who would ever remain grateful for what the Nigerian songwriter and singer has done to their lives. He paved way for their struggling fame and made it look easy to an extent that people wondered if fame is easy. This also announces the extraordinary humanity and the altruistic qualities the father of three has got.

In this article, we would outline these stars the Grammy award-winning singer infused their fame despite being new to the game.

Before we head in, we would have to discuss the incredible life status of Wizkid which has soared him to his present hierarchy. He has created some iconic memories which should add some respect to his name.

Wizkid’s incredible life status

Wizkid who is known poorly as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun as a kid started singing at the age of 11. His music passion flowed gingerly and energetic which even thrust supreme opportunities to his name. Amidst his ambitious efficiency as a kid, he created a music group with his church friends where he managed to drop a collaborative album which never issued him fame.

Amidst his potential, he was signed to Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) in 2009 where he kept his qualities and energy flowing gingerly and dished out multiple songs which professed the qualities in him. His debut single “Holla at your boy” from his debut album “Superstar” introduced him to the limelight which even infused his ambition. He did strive hard and released his second album which he titled by his name “Ayo”. Singles from his second album like: “Jaiye Jaiye”, “On Top Your Matter”, “One Question”, “Joy”, “Bombay” and “Show You the Money”. Infused his fame and he was recognized by Africans most especially, Nigerian citizens.

He left The Empire Mate Entertainment when his contract expired. This even soared him to a higher hierarchy after he founded his record label that he named “Star Boy Entertainment”

Within this period, the Nigerian songwriter and singer gained global recognition after he featured the American Rapper, Drake on the song “One Dance” in 2016. The qualities in the song won the hearts of the American citizens and they streamed the song uncontrollably. This gained him his first-ever Billboard chart feature. He also became the first Afrobeats artist to appear in the 2018 Guinness World Records for his contribution to “One Dance”.

In 2019, he was featured in the project of the iconic American singer, actor, and songwriter, Beyonce’s project, “The Lion King” where he deployed the qualities that earned him his first-ever Grammy Award in the category of “The best music video”.

So far, Wizkid’s latest Album “Made In Lagos” is one of the African music albums that are breaking through top streams and has emerged as the most-streamed Nigerian album. There’s no doubt about his qualities.

Having known the inspiring story of the Nigerian songwriter and singer, Wizkid. It’s time you grin, enjoy and appreciate him while you can.

If you aspire to know these young Nigerian music artists the Nigerian singer, Wizkid infused their fame, check out below and thrill to the phenomena.

Nigerian young music artistes Wizkid infused their fame




Tems who is poorly known as Temilade Openiyi is a Nigerian songwriter and singer who will always remain grateful to Wizkid for the infusion he condoned on her fame.

The Lagos-born singer is in no doubt engulfed with extraordinary music qualities but with the nature of fame, she wasn’t recognized firmly but rather, she was recognized barely.

In 2020, Wizkid introduced Tems to his fans after he featured her in his concerts which opportune die-hard fans to notice the potential in her. They streamed her songs and followed her on her social media platforms, other people were also able to enjoy Tem’s qualities. It never limited Wizkid’s genuine love over Tems as he featured her on his Made in Lagos album in the soundtrack “Essence”.

There’s no doubt, Wizkid inspires youngsters. Tems is a living example.

Bella Shmurda


Bella Shmurda who stroke the limelight in 2020 is also a living example of Wizkid’s inspiration and there is no doubt about it.

Recall that a video of a young Bella Shmurda and Poco Lee face-timing Wizkid once surfaced online. The beauty of the video also professed the good temperament the popular Nigerian dancer, Poco Lee has got after he was spotted introducing Bella Shmurda to Wizkid. This didn’t limit its peak but rather, surpassed its peak because the Nigerian singer was pushed to strive harder until he finally collaborated with Wizkid on the song. “E Don Spoil” is yet to be released.

He also gifted him a sum of $100k the last time he paid him a visit to his multi-million naira mansion in Ghana.

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage

Respectively, the Nigerian songwriter and singer who is known famously as Tiwa Savage gained fame even before she knew Wizkid but when she had the iconic relationship with Wizkid, her fame infused more especially, in Nigeria.

They did collaborate and dished out multiple hit songs like “malo”, “Dis Love” and “Bad”. These songs played a huge part in the present hierarchy of Tiwa Savage because millions of Nigerian citizens jammed to the songs and it was a trend both nationally and internationally.

Despite their current secrete clash after they swerved inactive with their relationship status. The two songwriters and singers created magics that still thrills people globally. The rhythmical qualities of their songs together are one of the best Afrobeat Rhymes the Nigerian music artists has dished out so far.

Wizkid is no doubt a king and there is no doubt about it.