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Skilla Baby – Carmelo Bryant Album


Skilla Baby Carmelo Bryant Album Download

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The Detroit rapper and his gang, including Skilla Baby, have decided to come through with a full-length mixtape Carmelo Bryant.


The new album has some features like Rio Da Young OG, RMC Mike, and more. As you would expect, there’s a big basketball theme following this project, with tons of name-drops in songs like “3 PEAT” and more.


1. Baby Man
2. 3 PEAT (feat. Acey & Sterl Gotti)
3. Lie Too Much
4. Entanglement
5. Jackie Moon (feat. Rio Da Young OG & RMC Mike)
6. 5400 Los
7. Kobe Anthony
8. WOP
9. NBA Bubble (feat. Big Coke)
10. What Else
11. 72 Chevelle
12. L2
13. Booty Talk 55
14. Howard
15. Brock Lesnar
16. Allen Iverson (feat. Beno)