Snoop Dogg has been freely celebrating his Death Row come-up on a more daily basis lately. Despite everything that in the end came to transpire in the later years, The Row remains one of hip-hop’s most legendary dynasties. And while Suge’s label boasted no shortage of talent, from Dr. Dre to Kurupt and Daz Dillinger, to 2Pac Shakur, Snoop Dogg may very well have been the marquee player. At least, that is what West Coast rapper Glasses Malone seems to believe, a fair take tailor-made for barbershop discourse. During a recent interview at The Breakfast Club, Malone revisited a previous stance, in which he claimed that Pac would not be regarded as he is today, were it not for Snoop.


Charlamagne wasn’t quite having it, and pressed Malone accordingly, making sure respect due Snoop is been giving to him. “From 1993 to 1995, there was no bigger rapper than Snoop Dogg, ” states Malone. “Snoop is rap music. Snoop is the greatest rapper of all time. Not if he the best, he the greatest. Snoop can go to any mall in America and they gon’ know him. A white lady, 80, or a Lil’ kid, 8, gon’ know Snoop Dogg. ” Though Charlamagne states that Pac’s post-jail run elevated him to the top, but Malone counters that it coincided with a Snoop Dogg partnership. That’s not to say he doesn’t acknowledge Pac’s prolific nature, but he simply maintains that nobody could touch the popularity of peak Snoop Dogg.

The viral nature of the debate prompted Charlamagne to share a video of it on his IG, which in turn brought Snoop Dogg into the mix. “I’m the reason why pac was on death row,” begins The Doggfather, adding his own two cents. “First real free agent signing in rap I wasn’t afraid or jealouS I wanted cuzz on our team and suge made it happen and on my instructions.”

“Daz and the whole. D. P. G. Death row clique provided Tupac to the sound of his greatest album ever so get ya facts right,” continues Snoop. “If pac was alive he would be all of what I am and then some he was a beast in the studio and a real friend who taught us a better work ethic and how to stay on it like we want it so. I am and always will be apart of. Tupac and Tupac is apart of me. A brotherhood none of y’all can break. @Glasseslockeep pushing ya line. Ain’t no I in team.”

Leave it to Snoop Dogg to keep it real, and regardless of where you stand in the debate, why not hold it down for two of the best rappers to ever do it?