Many years ago, T.I. and Tiny had a problem in their marriage after the allegations that were shot against the rapper cheating on his wife. The two went on different ways and at that time Tiny even filed for divorce, but in the end, the couple now decided that their love was stronger. They publicly discussed the sensitive topic and Tiny mentioned in the past that she recognizes temptations men faced in the industry is more than the Average Joe.


However, the Xscape singer often faced criticism abiding her marriage instead of kicking T.I. to the curb. She told the Chicago radio station WGCI that she ignores the naysayers who she believes are women living that are miserable lives.

She also talked about fellas who are industry professionals struggling with fidelity. Saying “I don’t really pay that no attention because most of those women that are talking about, ‘Oh you stayed with him after that,” they still with a man that’s cheating probably every day and getting…they [are] living probably the worst life,” she said. “Have nothing to…you know.”

She doubled down on her remarks about fellas who are industry professionals struggling with fidelity. “I am okay,” she said. “It’s not like I’m okay with you cheating, but I know that in this industry it’s gonna be tough to, you know what I’m saying, keep it all the way together. So, I feel like if it’s workable, if there’s still some love there, if we still feel like this is what we wanna do, then, this is what we should do.” Do you agree with Tiny?

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