Tonto Dikeh Responds To Allegations About Her Sleeping With South African Pastor


News returned out a while that Tonto Dikeh was bedding a rich South African Pastor, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri , she didn’t promptly react to the news since she was “caught up with” gathering receipts for her reaction, she has returned today with bazooka heap of receipts in screen captures of reaction, she has denied the charges and said the cash gathered was an appearance expense – which raises the inquiry, when did chapels begin acquiring big names for appearance charge in a congregation? Read her full reaction beneath:

A specific story has been conveyed to my notice. I was in any case, unfit to react because of my bustling timetable. That was an especially bustling week for me as my attention was on a few of my philanthropy occasions. It was the World festival against HUMAN TRAFFICKING week and as a NAPTIP AMBASSADOR I was effectively occupied.

Right off the bat, I need to express that I don’t compose this for anybody however to Make my child pleased when he grows up…


A while back I was reached by a congregation in South Africa through the churchs organization agent by name Brenda.

I was reached for a YOUTH workshop and I asked for to carry along two or three individuals with me which incorporated my cosmetics craftsman @vugo24 , family and a companion who had constantly worshiped the good news of this said church…

I was paid an appearance charge and out of the thoughtfulness of my heart, I imparted a bit of my expense to Brenda, the previously mentioned companion and my cosmetics craftsman.


I gave what I could every individual at a time,Job was done I stuffed up and left back to being a mother and a helpful person..


I was never welcomed to S.A by any companion, nor was I acquainted with the congregation by a companion in NIGERIA or outside the nation for my appearance… I truly would have let this slide however I can’t be quiet and have my great name discolored and be connected with such loathsome and disgraceful act

I can not represent any other person but rather myself…

A notice to whosoever is behind this deception, hawking all these malignant gossipy tidbits, I would counsel you to stop.

There are things I wouldn’t take likely particularly now as a mother. *****

I would prefer not to be reserved in with the names of individuals who do this(Sleep with minister) outrageous act…

I Go to chapel to serve my God and could think less about any other person. Going to chapel is a road where I contact with my maker and not do something else…

I am a Christian, I am GROWING every day in GODS VINE yard yet I wouldn’t sit and watch my great name go up on fire over a malignant EVIL story…


Be careful

Past the point where it is possible TO FAIL NOW GUYS,GIVE UP!!