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Tony Shhnow – Life N Hard Times


Life N Hard Times By Tony Shhnow

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Tony Shhnow’s year has been significant. Kill Streak 2, the second album by the underground Atlanta rapper, was released in January and included popular tracks like “I Told You” and “Sometimes.” Reflexions, an 18-song project with features from Bear1Boss, Zelooperz, and others, was the follow-up he released in June. He has also found time to produce eye-catching features for films like TiaCorine’s I Can’t Wait and Father’s Young Hot Ebony 2.


Now, Shhnow has released a brand-new song for his fans called “Life N Hard Times,” in which he raps incredibly quickly over an ethereal instrumental. The song demonstrates why Shhnow is a pioneer in the “plugg” music style, which has swept Atlanta.

The beat was created by StoopidXool and features waves of ambient synth noises, a writhing bass, and bright keys. Over such an instrumental, one might anticipate a relaxed delivery, yet Shhnow’s flow is frantic as he describes the difficult circumstances from which he has come. He begins the song by singing, “Pounds everywhere I walk, I slipped a bulldog in the club / Snakes in the grass, everyday I’m pouring up the muck.”

See the music below, and tell us what you think in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m clean as a b***h, my trap house dirty
I’m clean as a b***h, this double cup dirty
I got that Tec in my jeans cause’ I’m working
You got your head in your pocket, you hurting