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Top 5 Richest Female Music Artist in Nigeria According to Forbes

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

The Nigerian music firm has soared to an extent that their female music artists have established their fame at a higher peak. They dish out hit songs and bag top music awards just like the male music artists.


Their consistency seems to have dominated the male performance in the Afrobeat music genre as they even compete with their dormancy.

This has also infused their net worth as they emerged as one of the Nigerian richest music artists which has soared the hierarchy of the Nigerian music firm.

If you aspire to know these female music stars, check below and thrill to the knowledge.

Tiwa Savage

$6 million

The Nigerian songwriter and singer are, the richest female music artist in Nigeria following her successful status so far. She has emerged to the top.

Her early career also proved that she was ambitious and bounded with the passion to soar. Tiwatope Savage who is known famously as Tiwa savage began her music succession pursuit at the age of 17 after she returned from 5 years of educational activities in London. She began her career as a backup artist to George Michael and Mary J. Blige who inspired her and infused her musical qualities.

In 2012, Tiwa savage moved back to Nigeria and signed to Mavin records where she dished out her debut album, Once upon a time which was engulfed with tremendous hit songs in 2013. Many Nigerians jammed to the songs and she gained prominence. She kept her qualities consistent to an extent that she gained her ground and left the Mavin Record Label and established her own which is professed a buoyancy so far.

From her live shows and endorsement deals, Tiwa Savage’s net worth is estimated at $6 million which is N2.8 million. She is in no doubt a true queen.

Yemi Alade

$4.5 million

The Nigerian dance queen is clearly a prominent multi-billionaire and she has earned it. She is in no doubt recognized as the second richest female music artiste in Nigeria via her efforts so far.

The Nigerian songwriter and singer have known poorly. Yemi Eberechi Alade did strive for her music career during her early teenage. In 2009, she won the peak talent show which proved to the Nigerian record labels, the potential in her and she was signed to Effyzzie Music Group where she dished out her iconic debut single “Johnny”.

The single “Johnny” became everyone’s favorite and her fame was infused. She became one of the Nigerian female bosses in the Nigerian music firm.

She further won multiple music awards which established her fame pretty much rigid and her net worth emerged at a higher proportion.

Currently, Yemi Alade sits as the second richest female music artiste in Nigeria with a Net worth of $4.5 million which is N2.1 billion.


$2. 5 million


The Iconic Nigerian vocal machine is no doubt a symbol of hard work and persistence following how her net worth has infused to a higher proportion in a few years. She is a queen at her own peak.

Simisola Kosoko who is known famously as Simi began her music career as a gospel singer. She released her debut single, “Ogaju” which inspired her musical career. However, things swerved mysteriously amidst nature and she switched to the Afrobeat genre after her single “Tiff” became one of the Nigerian best songs in 2014. She further signed a super contract with X3M Music in 2014 where she laid her services in full and left for a solo career after her contract expired.

She released her second studio album Simisola which won the heart of many and she became a star. Multiple businessmen called her for a show and offered her some big deals which infused her net worth.

Her net worth is estimated at a whopping number of over $2.5 million which has best announced her as the boss.


$2. 4 million

Teni the Nigerian songwriter and singer will always be honored with extraordinary circumstances following how she emerged at the top within a two years ratio_ _she made fame look easy.

Teniola Apata is known famously as Teni gained prominence after she released her hit single “Case” which won her multiple music awards. No one believed she would emerge at the top after she proved the nature of fame wrong and made it look easy by releasing multiple hit songs which infused her fame.

Teni is also known for the power of her vocal which she tapped from her sister, Ninola who is believed to have coached her in music. She is in no doubt one of the Nigerian female top stars following her consistent qualities. Teni has also bagged multiple music awards in a 3 years ratio.

Following the live concerts and endorsement deals she has bagged so far, her Net worth is recorded in a whopping amount of $2.4 million. She is on the verge to surpass Simi and Yemi Alade. However, it’s alleged that her net worth has risen to $5 million but this is likely not yet confirmed.


$1.5 million

The Nigerian singer and songwriter who is a sister to Teni are also one of the Nigerian female bosses in the Nigerian music firm. She has come a long way.

Ninola who is known poorly as Niniola Apata began her music career in her very teenage era. She did release her debut single “Ibadi” which introduced her to prominence. The same song nominated her in many music awards and she gained fame. She further released her greatest hit song “Maradona” which the whole Nigerians jammed to. The nature of her consistency and qualities also opportune her to work with big names like Beyonce.

Presently, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million making her the fifth richest female music artiste in Nigeria.

Ninola has also bagged multiple endorsement deals and has performed in so many extraordinary music concerts.

These stars have also reshaped the rigidity of the Nigerian music firm amidst their professional efforts alongside the male music artists. They have also instilled in the female Nigerian citizens out there the need to know that they can also become billionaires despite the nature of feminism.

Having known the dignity in these stars, it’s high time you infuse your inspiration as a music artiste and establish yourself to a higher hierarchy.