Tupac Shakur is Currently Alive



A man depicted as a ‘previous security officer’ has made a startling claim demanding that legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur is as yet alive years after his murder.

Michael Nice demands Tupac is as yet alive and could be “smoking a cigar” in Cuba.

Since the rapper’s death in Las Vegas in 1996, many fear inspired notions have twirled. This is what Mr Nice needs to state.

Michael Nice described himself as a previous security officer.

He said he worked for the extreme left political gathering, The Black Panthers, previously he was drafted to help Tupac to escape America.

Michael revealed to TMZ The Black Panthers issued the request to get Tupac into a protected place.

He stated: “It was me, my brother, the pilot, Tupac as the co-pilot and two Panther folks on the fly.

“We took off and promptly knew we were safe, we felt better and it resembled getting away from prison.”

How could he ‘help Tupac to get away’?

Tupac was notoriously gunned down on September 7, 1996, while driving through Las Vegas. He kicked the bucket in doctor’s facility six days after the fact.

Michael asserts his security organization paid doctor’s facility authorities a huge total to switch Tupac’s body with another expired, to counterfeit a demise story.

Decent and his men helped the rapper mask himself as a co-pilot, before they all traveled to Barbados.

Michael included: “At that point my sibling helped him get to Cuba from that point.”

“Kadafi was doing some sort of hand signals – he looked sort of out of control.

“I saw them alive route after their said passings.”