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“Why I don’t promote nudity in my comedy” – Nigerian Comic Actor, Sabinus

A Gundam holding a gun, damn!

Mr Funny, a prominent comedy actor from Nigeria also known as Sabinus, has discussed the key reasons why he doesn’t advocate nudity in the majority of his stuff.


In a recent interview, he revealed this, saying that attractive ladies don’t need to show off their bobby pins to establish their beauty.

He continued by saying that he had turned down a sizable offer from extremely endowed Ladies who were eager to play any sex-related parts, proving his disgust with such.

As a last comment on his revelation, he expressed that even now, it amazes him to see some of his coworkers express resentment about not being allowed to display their wealth in his writings.

His words:

“I have been in situations where some people will be like, ‘Sabinus, I want to join your comedy [group], I can do anything.’ I will say no, please let me give you a role to do.”

“I have also had a situation where I was about to shoot and a girl was like, ‘You expect me to tie wrapper?’ I said, “My sister, that is what I love. That is what suits the story.”  

“Sometimes, you need a fine girl, but she mustn’t be shobum bumumbum and bobbies.” 

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